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The 3rd Terme Selce Congress is the result of 2 very successful events in Selce, Croatia.
Due to the expertize of the organizers in the field of human health and wellbeing it was identified that the topic is very important not only locally, but EU wide, even globally.


The need to extend the event to the EU capital – Brussels is just reasonable step forward to involve relevant institutions and upgrade the dialogue.
That will facilitate new perspective for employers and employees. Congress is a platform to develop discussion how to improve the culture of health and wellbeing in companies through best practices, education, re-education, preventive health and wellness programs including digital tools, with a goal to increase efficiency and productivity, work-life balance, and most of all „Joy of Life and Work“ as said by congress initiator Primarius Vlasta Brozičević, MD., specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology.

Where & When

Brussels 2024, May 13
Venue and time TBC


Take a peek in former events

“...an event whose significance we will only understand in the years to come” — Nataša Jakovac Borojević

The initiator of the Congress is Primarius Vlasta Brozičević, MD, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology, co-founder Terme Selce. Her dedication to bring joy to work of many patients from around the world motivates her to spread her message how to stay well and healthy inspite hard workload over the years. Stress of LMS is main cause of absenteeism. Red light is on! Congress is here to bring solutions.


And there’re some real socials : -)

Gala dinner with awards, guitar virtuoso and Kvarner wines

Terme Selce Global Corporate Wellbeing Award was launched and delivered to the 1st winners: dm drogerie-markt, ZABA, Virgin Pulse.
Besides the award there were also acknowledgements to companies and institutions.

here you can see what was it like in Croatia




organizers & partners

organizers and partners

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